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Exactly What I Think of Third-Party iPad Covers

Occasionally, placing a cover on your own iPad is good. In fact, the very delicate nature of the iPad itself causes we to cough up the extra dough as well as use it either on an Apple to a 3rd party case. 

I believe this is a terrible ploy by Apple to get prospective buyers to invest extra on their products.

Whenever Apple again is marketing iPad cases at up of $30, which essentially is such as saying that it knows that its products suck and break easily, people just about have no choice but to invest the extra cash. With the heavy marketing, it is simple to think Apple seemingly magical cases.

Though at times, consumers notice that Apple’s cases are way too expensive, they go for a third-party case.

Usually these are cheap Chinese counter-parts to better quality American brands that are simply as expensive as Apple retail costs. 

Precisely why spend the extra money when all a cover does is make the device look even uglier?

Pundits of the point claim a case helps absorb impact or perhaps shock preventing the screen from breaking to that if protects the screen from getting cracked. 

However, many of the cases  that exist on the market today, do nothing more that add a layer of plastic between the land as well as the iPad, not even introducing any kind of shock resistance. The meaningless Smart-Covers do nothing to shield the display from scratching. Next time try damaging the iPad glass with a key, no scratches.

If Apple spends revenue into the design and also detail of the outer appearance of the iPad, it is useless to hide, less spend funds to hide it, that is what you're doing if we are buying a case for the iPad.

Yea, if you such as the design of a fabric cover on your own iPad, go ahead and, go for it. But, if your own simply purchasing a case to protect your own iPad, I regret to inform we that many cases do not protect your iPad. As well as besides, the ones that do actually work simply make the iPad even uglier than as well as iPad with a case. 

I simply wanted to clear up many common misconceptions about iPad cases. The fact that Apple essentially coaxes we into buying accessory after accessory, case after case is just ridiculous. Its already a perfectly good product. There’s no need  to invest cash to make it worse.

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